Hotel specialty- Gensen Tamago (a boiled egg cooked in the waters of the hot spring source)

Photo:Hotel specialty- Gensen Tamago Photo:Hotel specialty- Gensen Tamago

"Gensen Tamago" is our hotel specialty that we serve as a breakfast dish.
Slowly steeped for a few hours in the source of the sulfate spring at a temperature of 66 degrees Celsius, the eggs delight the palate with a distinctive sulfur flavor, complimented by a soft yolk and egg whites tempered to the perfect hardness.

These eggs can also be purchased at the select shop "GENSEN", located next to the main entrance.
The shop sells a selection of other high quality merchandise, such as Kutani ware, Yamanaka lacquer ware, Kaga Bocha (green tea), and special snacks unique to Kaga.

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